8 Lessons I’ve Discovered About Navigating Careers

My first job out of engineering college, was that of an Assistant Civil Engineer with Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE). I was part of the team responsible for building India’s first fully indigenously constructed Nuclear Power plant near Kalpakkam, Chennai.

I now work at the intersection of Events, Media and Entertainment as an anchor, talk show host, podcaster, voice artist and a performer.

Here are 8 Lessons I’ve Discovered about Navigating Careers:
1) Opportunities are closely tied to people. Invest in building relationships; not in creating transactions.

2) It always takes longer than expected.

3) Life can get really hard sometimes. You don’t need to weather it alone. Talk it out with your friends, your spouse, your parent, sibling or with anyone you are okay being you.

4) Faith can help you see and do things, which no one else might be able to. I cannot emphasize this point enough.

5) It is perfectly alright to not have all the answers. Do it and figure! Course correct and grow.

6) Be someone, who others like to work with.

7) Nothing is worth it, if it costs your health. Nothing.

8) A risk is not a risk, if you know what you are doing.

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