Hardik Vaidya - Content Creator - Youtuber
July 5, 2020

1 Month Since Starting My Youtube Journey

Starting my Youtube channel has been one of the few good things that happened to me during the Covid19 pandemic.

Youtube - Hardik Vaidya - Content Creator
June 20, 2020

4th June 2020

I’ve been wanting to start a Youtube channel where I could share myexperiments, thoughts, stories, engage in some random banter and

Career Learnings
May 1, 2020

8 Lessons I’ve Discovered About Navigating Careers

My first job out of engineering college, was that of an Assistant Civil Engineer with Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE). I was part of the team responsible

ICC Umpire - Simon Taufel
March 30, 2020

Simon Taufel : Leading with Vulnerability

It was around 9:00pm in Nagpur, when I had just wrapped up an event with Simon Taufel, in front of 500+ audience

Is too many passions and interests, a problem?
March 25, 2020

Is too many passions and interests, a problem?

Growing up, were you the kind of person who felt of out of place?

Pinkathon-Seventy Seven Entertainment - QED Communications - The Thank Tank Entertainment
March 21, 2020

Yeh Corona! – For Artists from Events & Experiential Industry Leaders

Our planet is in the midst of a true Black Swan moment. Lebanese-American essayist Nassim Nicolas Taleb explains the Black Swan Theory as follows

Civil Engineer turned Anchor
August 22, 2018

What I learnt from the field of Civil Engineering to that of Anchoring?

I studied to be a civil engineer. Although I don’t practice it anymore, I take immense happiness and pride in being one. I’ve had

11 Rocky Balboa Quotes to Pull You Through Tough Times
August 17, 2018

10 Rocky Balboa Quotes to Pull You Through Tough Times

Sylvester Stallone gave the world, not just a sporting hero, but an icon that has and will continue to inspire