5 Things To Know About Starting from Zero

When I started out Anchoring, I was so stupid. Ugh!

I had no clue who to pitch for work.

I knew nobody, associated with the business of events, media or entertainment. So, asking for advice from someone was out of question.

Here’s what I ended up doing though – I scoured the internet for any email addresses of Mumbai based event agencies and people connected to the industry, that I could find.

That meant – founders, production managers, client servicing folks, artist managers, florists, decorators, operation managers, graphic designers, hotel sales managers, catering businesses, marketing managers, HR managers, PR consultants, travel companies and even interns at event agencies.

You get the drift – I was willing to talk to anybody who would give me a couple of minutes.

I watched a ton of YouTube. Read a ton. Asked anyone who knew anyone worth talking to.

I kept mailing & messaging people and trying to get a word out. Trying to get a meeting.

And then? Crickets.

The responses weren’t encouraging by any stretch. If anything, there were doubts and ridicule for being a Civil Engineer, Running a business and then shifting to doing something like this. In my early days, I tried to project my engineering background as a forte in my profile. I’m not sure, if that really helped my chances.

But, I couldn’t explain them then, that I wanted to do more, be more. I believed that in my bones.

I was desperate to land shows. I would say yes to anything that came my way.

All I wanted was, stage time.

Here are 5 things I learnt in the process:
a) When you’re new, hit the market soonest. Build your portfolio/credibility.

b) If you don’t cringe at your early days, you aren’t really progressing.

c) The best time to ask for repeat business, is immediately after delivering a wonderful experience to a client.

d) Build social proof around your work.

e) Starting is the toughest. Momentum & leverage gets built over time.

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